Hello.  I'm Ryan.

I’ve been running a private counseling practice for five years.  I’ve loved learning how to start and grow a small business – dreaming up my own schedule, service offerings, and community of clients and colleagues – all in service of greater mental health and resilience within our community.

But growing a private practice has come with its share of challenges.  Working with business mentors was one of a few steps that helped me find maintain balance and refine how I was doing business.  I want to help you do the same.

We became therapists to help others become free.  Yet if we ourselves feel stifled, practicing in an environment or in a way that doesn’t align with our real purpose, we can begin to lose inspiration.

What do you want and long for?  How is starting and growing a private practice in service of that?  What kind of contribution do you want to make to your community?  What are you committed to?

Our work together won’t be about scaling your practice just because.  I want you to build a private practice that really enables you and your clients to thrive.