Private Practice Consulting

My services center on this promise: helping you create a practice that you love, without burning out.

My consulting services apply to two main groups:

Early-stage practitioners:

This group includes those transitioning out of agencies or finishing graduate programs, wanting to start a practice from scratch.  It can also include those already in practice, but with ten clients or less.

I ask for a 6-month commitment to build a steady foundation.  During that time, we can cover:

  • Planning a transition into private practice that’s financially and energetically sustainable.
  • Communicating with and serving your ideal client populations.
  • Determining sensible pricing and fee policies.
  • Cultivating the client and colleague relationships that matter to you most.
  • Hiring out the things you don’t like to do or don’t know how to do.
  • Establishing and optimizing the administrative, marketing, and financial aspects of your practice.

Later-stage practitioners:

This group includes those already in practice with more than ten clients, wanting to expand and diversify their practice.

There’s no minimum commitment required—we might schedule one session or several, depending on your needs.  We can continue developing some of the above areas, and also explore:

  • Reducing dependence on insurance and attracting out-of-pocket clients.
  • Expanding into other counseling services, such as couples or group work.
  • Expanding into other roles, such as private practice consulting.