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Out-of-Network Billing

In my own practice, I’ve chosen to steer clear of working directly with insurance companies.  My reasons for this are many, including preserving client confidentiality, continuity of care, and freedom from administrative and billing complexities. Of course, there are also good reasons to consider accepting insurance, such as affordability for prospective clients and expanding your … Read more

Evaluating Your Business Model

Your private practice business model describes who you aim to serve, how you create value for those individuals, your cost structure and revenue streams, and the key activities, resources, and relationships that make up your practice infrastructure.   Every so often, you should set aside some time to evaluate your business model. A classic method for … Read more

Pearl Waldorf, LPC, CGP

Pearl Waldorf

Today I’m interviewing Pearl Waldorf.  Pearl is a somatic and attachment-oriented, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP).  She graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies: a program which holds – as she does – the human, meaning-seeking journey as central to individual emotional well-being. Pearl has been running a wide range … Read more

Starting a Counseling Group

Starting a counseling group can help you reach new clients, serve a greater number of clients, and gain an additional stream of income.  If you decide to facilitate your group with another therapist, it also creates opportunities for collegial connection and learning.  Some suggestions for getting started: Describe who your counseling group will serve, and … Read more

Individual Development Accounts

I had less than $15,000 in savings when I started my private practice, and no other sources of income.  That was enough to hire a web developer, pay my office rent, and meet my personal expenses for a little while, but it wouldn’t last long.  So, I looked into financing options for small businesses and … Read more

Sole Proprietorship or LLC?

As a solo practitioner, you’ll need decide on a legal structure for your business.  The default structure for a single-owner business is known as a sole proprietorship.  As a sole proprietor, you’re legally identified with the business and can be held personally liable for things like unpaid debts, injuries to others, or damage to someone … Read more

No Shows and Late Cancellations

Many new therapists aren’t sure how to handle client no-shows and late cancellations.  I’ve looked at informed consent documents with very ambiguous policies or no policy at all.  Even once therapists have a clear policy in place, they may have belief systems about money or themselves that make it difficult for them to stay consistent … Read more