Ryan Hofrichter

About Ryan

I work with therapists just starting as solo private practitioners, as well as those already established. We can create a path that helps you transition from graduate school or a current job, or if you own a practice already, improve upon what you’re already doing.

We all know that our most valuable instrument as therapists is ourselves. So, I want you to organize your business – who you work with, how you work with them, how much you earn, how much time you devote to your practice – in a way that inspires and nourishes you.

I started my practice right out of graduate school.  I didn’t have much in savings to dedicate to growing my practice, but I had a drive and a commitment towards making it work.  I also had a reliable network of colleagues from professional trainings that I had taken throughout graduate school, and was grateful for their referrals and offers to help.

My practice grew quickly, but by my third year I was beginning to feel overwhelmed.  A wake-up call came in 2017, the year that my mother began struggling with a severe bout of depression.  I was seeing too many clients and stuck in a rigid business model – stepping away to spend time with my mother meant stepping away from my income.  I wanted a different setup.

The following year, I made changes.  I raised my rates.  I allowed for a lighter practice schedule and began working towards other professional roles that would allow for more variety, income, and scalability.   And I put more money into hiring web developers, designers, and copywriters and stopped mucking around with tasks I didn’t like to do or didn’t know how to do.

Now in my seventh year and with a better sense of how to make it all work, I’d love to help you get there too.